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Neuropathic pain case study

Neuropathic pain is a chronic pain condition. Typically, pain is due to an injury or illness. With neuropathic pain, no event or injury causes the pain. Instead, the body just sends pain signals to the brain unprompted.

People with this pain condition may experience shooting, burning pain, a feeling of numbness or a loss of sensation. The pain may be constant, or it may occur randomly.


There is a large unmet need in the treatment of neuropathic pain, affecting up to 8% of the population. A clinical study running in France was falling behind in recruitment. Akcelis was contacted to boost recruitment. 

Our challenge was to refer 80 prequalified candidates in 3,5 months

Our approach

Multichannel patient recruitment strategy involving a stepwise prequalification process:

  1. Facebook and Google advertisement, collaboration with patient associations
  2. Dedicated landing webpage on C-Lys patient platform
  3. Online registration form
  4. Telephone prequalification contact with registered candidates



million impressions


online registrations


prequalification calls


referred candidates

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